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Picture My Life

We offer digital image-based tools for people with cognitive difficulties to better communicate with family, teachers and care providers.
Funded SEK 1,234,575
Target SEK 900,000
Max Target SEK 2,008,242
Min. Raise SEK 900,000
Percent of Equity Available 0%
Valuation of equity SEK 8000000
Time Left Closed
1 Startup
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Inhalation Sciences

Inhalation Sciences produces game-changing R&D technology that maps and measures the health effects of inhaled air pollutants and pharmaceuticals.
Funded SEK 5,854,848
Target SEK 1,999,988
Max Target SEK 5,964,000
Min. Raise SEK 1,999,988
Percent of Equity Available 60%
Valuation of equity SEK 3962568
Time Left Closed
3 Expansion Huddinge
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Learning to Sleep

We offer clinically proven improvement programs for people with sleeping disorder through web and mobile solutions.
Funded SEK 3,423,627
Target SEK 2,100,000
Max Target SEK 4,202,220
Min. Raise SEK 2,100,000
Percent of Equity Available 0%
Valuation of equity SEK 15000000
Time Left Closed
2 Growth Malmö
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