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CARTANA's research tool revolutionizes the analysis of tissue samples, giving biomedical researchers new information in their search for new treatments.
Funded SEK 9,432,780
Target SEK 5,517,366
Capital Target SEK 9,624,366
Min. Raise SEK 5,517,366
Percent of Equity Offered 38.5%
Valuation of equity SEK 24975000
End Date 22 September 2018
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1928 Diagnostics

Join the fight against antibiotic resistance! We offer a Software-as-a-Service that revolutionises diagnostics of bacterial infections.
Funded SEK 22,191,741
Target SEK 10,000,000
Capital Target SEK 30,888,000
Min. Raise SEK 10,000,000
Percent of Equity Offered 30%
Valuation of equity SEK 90000000
End Date 04 May 2017
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