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Liv Diagnostics

Liv Diagnostics utvecklar en produkt för att mäta spridningsförmågan hos tumörceller och vill därigenom bidra till bättre behandling för cancerdrabbade.
Funded SEK 4,000,017
Target SEK 2,999,997
Max Target SEK 5,040,000
Min. Raise SEK 2,999,997
Percent of Equity Available 24%
Valuation of equity SEK 21000000
Time Left Closed
1 Startup Gothenburg
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Offers sensor in combination with a service platform helping the healthcare sector to provide cost efficient and high quality home care.
Funded SEK 3,178,546
Target SEK 3,000,000
Max Target SEK 5,999,952
Min. Raise SEK 3,000,000
Percent of Equity Available 34%
Valuation of equity SEK 17857000
Time Left Closed
1 Startup
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1928 Diagnostics

Join the fight against antibiotic resistance! We offer a Software-as-a-Service that revolutionises diagnostics of bacterial infections.
Funded SEK 22,191,741
Target SEK 10,000,000
Max Target SEK 30,888,000
Min. Raise SEK 10,000,000
Percent of Equity Available 30%
Valuation of equity SEK 90000000
Time Left Closed
1 Startup Landala
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Picture My Life

We offer digital image-based tools for people with cognitive difficulties to better communicate with family, teachers and care providers.
Funded SEK 1,234,575
Target SEK 900,000
Max Target SEK 2,008,242
Min. Raise SEK 900,000
Percent of Equity Available 0%
Valuation of equity SEK 8000000
Time Left Closed
1 Startup
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Learning to Sleep - seed

Learning to sleep offers clinically evaluated digital programs for stress prevention and treatment of sleeping disorders.
Funded SEK 346,220
Target SEK 247,300
Max Target SEK 395,680
Min. Raise SEK 247,300
Percent of Equity Available 3%
Valuation of equity SEK 11000000
Time Left Closed
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